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New Day® Yellow Gazania

Gazania rigens New Day® Yellow

Mature Height*: 


Mature Width*: 


USDA Hardiness Zone Range:

9 to 11

Hardy to: 


Water Requirements: 

Moderate Water

Shade Requirements:

Full Sun, Partial Shade, Shade

Native to:

South Africa

Much research and breeding has gone into producing new selections of gazania, and this series is the outcome of that research. This New Day® Yellow Gazania is prized for its exceptional drought tolerance, compact growth habit, and big, bold blossoms. It produces many large, yellow, daisy-like flowers with sunny centers that are sure to brighten up any spot they are planted. The foliage is an attractive, compact mound of glossy leaves that continuously flowers throughout the summer with little upkeep. Looks fantastic planted in masses in the landscape, or added to container plantings.

*Height and width estimated for growth in the Tucson, AZ area. True sizes may vary.

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