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Mt. Lemmon Marigold

Tagetes lemmonii

Mature Height*: 

2-4 ft

Mature Width*: 

2-4 ft

USDA Hardiness Zone Range:

8 to 11

Hardy to: 


Water Requirements: 

Moderate Water, Drought Tolerant

Shade Requirements:

Full Sun, Partial Shade, Shade

Native to:

Southwestern US through Mexico and Central America

This fast growing, drought tolerant Arizona native is easily distinguished by its strong scent, which makes it resistant to rabbits, deer, and insect pests. During cold winters, this perennial often freezes to the ground and grows to full size of 3’-4’ by the following summer. Fall brings on the best display of dark yellow daisy-like blooms, but spring is also a great time to see an impressive display of flowers and the myriad of butterflies that are drawn to them.

*Height and width estimated for growth in the Tucson, AZ area. True sizes may vary.

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