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Goldylocks Mexican Sunflower

Tithonia fruticosa 'Goldylocks'

Mature Height*: 

6-12 ft

Mature Width*: 

6-12 ft

USDA Hardiness Zone Range:

9 to 11

Hardy to: 


Water Requirements: 

Moderate Water

Shade Requirements:

Full Sun, Partial Shade, Shade

Native to:

Eastern Mexico and central America

Native to eastern Mexico, this rare giant perennial has soft, velvety leaves and stems, and is prized for its sunny yellow flowers with broad, orange centers. Unlike true sunflowers that usually feature one large flower per plant, Mexican Sunflowers continuously support hundreds of blooms per plant from spring until the first winter frost. This extended blooming season brings lots of wildlife activity: from butterflies that are fond of the nectar in new flowers, to local birds that dine on seeds that develop after a flower has faded. Goldylocks is a cutting-grown cultivar that was selected by Civano Growers for its uniquely uniform growth habit, outstanding heat tolerance, and impressive flower power.

*Height and width estimated for growth in the Tucson, AZ area. True sizes may vary.

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