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Civano Originals

Some plants are bred for show. Others are bred for purpose. Ours are both.  

Asclepias subulata 'Butterfly Magic' PP34305

An essential host for native pollinators

Butterfly Magic Milkweed is a regal, vase-shaped perennial that boasts thick, elegant stems and star-like cream-colored flowers that butterflies find delectable. This plant is an essential host for Monarch Butterflies. It is also heat-loving, drought-tolerant, and a fantastic addition to any xeric landscape.

Better for urban landscapes because:

More cold hardy • Thicker stems make a tougher plant for streetscapes • Roots don't rot in poorly draining soil   


Leucophyllum frutescens 'San Antonio Rose' PP33454

As tough as Texas itself

Our cold-tolerant, drought-resistant, heat-loving Texas Ranger cultivar was chosen as a superior alternative to 'Compacta' because of its tighter growth habit, tougher demeanor, and substantially larger bloom. Silver-leafed branches burst with bright rose-pink blooms continuously throughout the summer, especially when humidity spikes. San Antonio Rose won't damp off like other Texas Rangers either-- it's a bulletproof crop bred to thrive in landscapes throughout the Southwest.

Better for urban landscapes because:

Larger flower • Compact, dense growth • Tolerant of high humidity and saturated soils   


Leucophyllum candidum 'Microburst' PP33437

The toughest candidum available

Microburst Texas Sage is truly like no other before. With an incredible tolerance to heavy, damp soils, Microburst will thrive in the most difficult landscapes. Smaller in stature, Microburst matures to a perfect three feet tall and wide. Decorated throughout the warm months an incredibly deep indigo flower adds a beautiful contrast against the silver foliage. Attracts native pollinators.

Better for urban landscapes because:

Deep indigo flower • Small, tight mature form • Withstands poor drainage without damping off  

Stoplights flower_edited.jpg

Hesperaloe parviflora 'Stoplights' PP34195

A perfected dwarf Hesperaloe

Stoplights Hesperaloe parviflora is one of our two newest dwarf Hesperaloe selections. Where most Hesperaloe can easily outgrow tight areas, Stoplights is a compact, yucca-like succulent with soft, green leaves that maintain a mature size of under two feet tall and wide. Three-foot-long crimson-red stalks rise from the center of Stoplights in spring through summer, with the same crimson-red tubular-shaped flowers, which are a favorite of hummingbirds and many pollinators. Stoplights Hesperaloe thrives in poor soils, and hot, arid climates.

Better for urban landscapes because:

Thrives in full to reflective sun • Attracts pollinators • Small size is perfect for any location  


Sphaeralcea ambigua 'Orange Crush' PP34220

A winter-blooming wonder

Orange Crush is our selection of the Desert Globemallow that exhibits grayish-green foliage and vibrant bright orange blooms. Unlike the native globemallow, Orange Crush has a low mounding, tight shape without an unattractive, wild appearance. This hardy, native perennial flourishes in just about any xeric landscape throughout the Southwest. This heat-loving desert darling also attracts bees and native birds.

Better for urban landscapes because:

Low, compact mature size• Attracts pollinators • Blooms prolifically from November until May  


Chilopsis linearis 'Bubba Jones' PP33637

Our biggest desert willow

Bubba Jones is a spectacular hybrid of two beloved Desert Willows that exhibits the best prominent features of both parent plants. It's a fast-growing and low seed selection with large, deep green, glossy leaves like ‘Bubba’ and the overall shape, height, and flower color of ‘Warren Jones’. Cold-hardy, drought tolerant, pollinator-friendly, and proven to thrive in landscapes throughout the Southwest—this tree has it all!

Better for urban landscapes because:

Extremely large flower • Attracts pollinators • Incredibly long blooming cycle  

Little Giant flower.jpg

Hesperaloe funifera 'Little Giant' PP35283

A year-round performer

Where Hesperaloe funifera is known for maturing at a large scale, Little Giant Hesperaloe funifera is our dwarf hybrid of this massive accent plant. Little Giant Hesperaloe only reaches a maximum size of four feet tall and wide, with a matte pink stalk and flowers that flower from spring through summer stretch up to seven feet tall. Long spineless leaves grow from the base with a white thread-like fringe that grows along the margins of the leaves. This texturally striking accent plant thrives in hot areas and poor soils, and because of its smaller stature, Little Giant Hesperaloe requires very low maintenance in the urban landscape.

Better for urban landscapes because:

Small, mature size • Matte pink flowers attract pollinators • Incredibly long blooming cycle  

Quercus fusiformis 'Joan Lionetti' 2.jpg

Quercus virginianafusiformis 
'Joan Lionetti' PP27646

The best oak for the southwest climate

Civano Growers pays homage to the founder of Tucson Clean and Beautiful, Joan Lionetti, by naming this unrivaled oak clone in her honor. This beautiful evergreen oak is praised for its fast growth, straight trunk, and symmetrical canopy. Its superior form will provide any landscape with dense shade all year long. The tree prefers full sun and moderate water until established. It grows to 30’ tall at maturity. These noteworthy features, along with the tree's tough-as-nails demeanor and smaller structure make the Joan Lionetti Texas Live Oak an ideal residential or streetscape tree

Better for urban landscapes because:

Clonal, uniform shape • Upright, dense canopy • Sourced from central Texas 


Dodonaea viscosa 'Emerald Ice' PP33514

The hardiest, and only clonal Hopseed on the market

Discovered after the hard freeze that devastated Tucson landscapes in 2011, this uniformly rounded shrub survives temperatures down to 5 degrees Fahrenheit with minimal damage once established. This extremely cold-resistant form of Hopseed bush can survive temperatures 10 degrees colder than any of its counterparts, making it the perfect cold hardy hedge or privacy screen. Just like any other Hopseed, this shrub is evergreen, extremely drought tolerant, and flourishes in full sun. As the plant blooms clustered yellow flowers in the Spring, the blooms contrast with verdant foliage. All characteristics lend its name, ‘Emerald Ice’.

Better for urban landscapes because:

Dense habit, perfect for screening • Most cold-hardy selection • Strong structure 

Sweet Bubba 1.JPG

Chilopsis linearis 'Sweet Bubba Seedless' PP33091

A true, seedless cultivar

'Sweet Bubba' is the love child of two Desert Willow varieties that many thought were already perfect. A hybrid of 'Bubba' and 'Sweet Katie Burgundy', Sweet Bubba exhibits the dark green glossy leaves of one parent plant and the enormous bloom of the other. Desert Willows perform very well in arid landscapes; however, Sweet Bubba boasts an exquisite upright growth habit with perfect symmetry. Our cultivar is also virtually seedless making it perfect for any manicured landscape.

Better for urban landscapes because:

Virtually seedless • Predictable, uniform shape • Brilliant pearl-white flower bud 


Ericameria laricifolia 'Butterbloom' PP33157

Our bulletproof Turpentine bush

Unlike its seed-grown siblings, the cutting-grown Butterbloom Turpentine Bush sports bright yellow flowers in the fall and bright green foliage all year long. The plant’s blooms attract pollinators, and its dense and uniform growth habit requires less maintenance to stay compact. Butterbloom maxes out at 2’ tall and wide at maturity and is evergreen. Like all desert natives, this plant is drought tolerant and prefers full sun. The plant manages well in extreme heat or cold. Although this plant can be found growing native throughout the Sonoran Desert, it is a bulletproof choice for any desert landscape.

Better for urban landscapes because:

Brilliant yellow flowers year-round • Pollinator-friendly • Lush, native selection


Pedilanthus macrocarpus 'Chilly Willy' PP25989

Exceptionally cold hardy

We are proud to introduce Chilly Willy, our new cold-hardy selection of Lady's Slipper that outperforms all others. Chilly Willy first caught our attention after a hard winter that should have left it frozen to the ground. Our trials have shown that Chilly Willy can weather a full week of temperatures below 32 degrees Fahrenheit and survives temperatures as low as 15°F with no damage. Chilly Willy is an attractive specimen that blooms small, red flowers in the summer. The blooms look like ladies' slippers, and they attract hummingbirds. The plant prefers full sun to partial shade and requires very little water.

Better for urban landscapes because:

Bright green upright attractive stems • Pollinator-friendly • Cold hardy


Prosopis hybrid 'Leslie Roy' PP23360

Our signature thornless mesquite

Civano Growers' signature Mesquite, ‘Leslie Roy’, is a cross between the hardy Velvet Mesquite and thornless Chilean Mesquite, combining the best qualities of both. Although Mesquites are common throughout the Southwest, the Leslie Roy is unique. Named for the patriarch of the Shipley family, Leslie Roy has a beautiful upright, multi-branching habit. Like most Mesquites, the tree is drought tolerant, semi-deciduous, thrives in full sun, and reaches heights of 40’x 40’ once mature. Hardy in both extreme heat and cold, this beautiful thornless tree will make a great addition to any desert landscape.

Better for urban landscapes because:

Drought tolerant • Thornless • Desirable shape is perfect for urban landscapes


Hesperaloe parviflora 'Little Miss Sunshine' PPAF

A wonderfully compact yellow yucca.

'Little Miss Sunshine' is not only a beauty to behold but also a pollinator favorite, particularly hummingbirds. The sunny yellow stalks are not only enticing to native pollinators but to plant lovers alike. This plant loves Arizona's harsh sun and dry spells, making it perfect for any urban landscape.

Its tight, clumping, compact nature makes it a desirable selection for small spaces. 

Introduced January of 2024.

Better for urban landscapes because:

Drought tolerant • Incredibly compact • Inviting, bright yellow flowers


Leucophyllum zygophyllum 'Laredo' PPAF

An improved classic Texas Sage

In many difficult landscapes throughout the southwest, Laredo stands out on top. Strong, upward branches support the massive amount of large purple flowers mixed with the soft, cupped-shaped leaves. Standing tall at a maximum size of 6' tall and 6' wide, with a dense, true evergreen form, Laredo makes for a feature plant solo or has a drought-tolerant hedge. A favorite of pollinators of all types. Thrives in a wide range of soil types. Introduced Fall of 2023.

Better for urban landscapes because:

Resistant against damping-off • Heavy bloomer• Extremely dense

Red Hot Hallmark.JPG

Tecoma 'Red Hot' PP31610

The only true dwarf Tecoma

After years of scrutinizing in the test garden, Civano Growers proudly present Tecoma ‘Red Hot’. Red Hot was handpicked by our horticulturists for its quality, form, and health. The Red Hot is one of our 2018 shrub introductions that has many unique qualities. As the name suggests, the plant is characterized by its intense flower color. Best of all, this Tecoma reaches only 3-4 feet tall and wide at maturity, and it is root hardy to 15°F once established. The Red Hot has a long bloom season that is a favorite of hummingbirds and other pollinators. Plant it and sit back and enjoy the show!

Better for urban landscapes because:

Seedless • Compact and heavy blooming • Pollinator favorite


Calliandra californica 'Mexicali Rose' PPAF

Every pollinators' favorite

This seemingly everblooming Baja native exhibits a soft puffball-like red flower that attracts numerous native pollinators, including the Monarch and Queen butterfly. Mexicali Rose has a dense growth habit and is naturally symmetrical. Exceptionally cold hardy and heat tolerant, Mexicali Rose is perfect for streetscapes and xericscapes.

Better for urban landscapes because:

Seedless • Prolific, vibrant flowers • Symmetrical and dense shape


Leucophyllum langmaniae 'Little Lynn' PPAF

A fitting tribute

Derived from the well-known Lynn's Legacy Texas Sage, introduced by Lynn L. Lowery, this improved version is a step above the parent plant. Extremely dense and well-rounded in shape, this hardy evergreen cultivar maintains a desirable 3.5' tall and wide once mature. Little Lynn succeeds at maintaining its evergreen appearance in the winter months. Soft lavender flowers engulf the upright branches from Spring until late Fall. Pollinator-friendly. Introduced in Fall of 2023.

Better for urban landscapes because:

Incredible color almost year-round • Winter evergreen • Perfectly rounded shape


Eriogonum fasciculatum 'Little Rascal' PPAF

An easy as-it-gets perennial

‘Little Rascal’ is an Arizona native that was selected by Civano Growers for its compact growth habit, long flowering season, beautiful silvery foliage, and superior heat tolerance. It also endures temperatures as low as -20° Fahrenheit, so ‘Little Rascal’ does great in colder climates, too. Because it needs very little maintenance throughout the year, this drought-tolerant perennial is a wonderful choice for commercial or streetscape settings. It grows in any soil with good drainage, and its branching root system does a great job of controlling erosion on slopes. Our ‘Little Rascal’ clones come from a parent plant that was grown from seed collected in the Catalina Mountains, so each one has the same endurance and exceptional character as the original. 

Better for urban landscapes because:

Neat, clean appearance • Thrives in extreme heat • Flowers heavily throughout the year

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