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Our Soil


Almost all of the soil we use at Civano Growers is made from locally sourced green waste material.


In partnership with Tucson Electric Power and local landscaping companies, we are able to recycle waste that would otherwise end up in a landfill to grow our trees, shrubs and cacti.

The process begins with trimmings from electric lines, yards or landscapes. The plant material-- branches, twigs, stumps, etc., is ground using an advanced grinder that can handle even the largest stumps. The ground material is then placed in large windrows that are watered and turned frequently. The addition of a bacteria species enhances the materials break down from large chipped pieces into rich soil. The process of mulching cooks the soil to temperatures high enough to kill all but the toughest weed seeds, making our soil practically weed free, though we often have to keep an eye out for the occasional stray Acacia smallii seedling!

We've expanded our sustainability pledge in another partnership with the local pecan orchards of Green Valley to create eco-friendly mulch. Instead of discarding hulls from the pecan company, Civano Growers utilizes this byproduct as a top dressing mulch for our plants. The pecan mulch reduces weed seed germination, helps keep the root ball cool, and reduces evaporation of irrigation water. 

Making trees from trees! It's just one of aspect of our mission for sustainable growth.

Check out TEP's video on our compost yard below.

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