Commercial Sales
Alex Shipley

Chief Sales Officer

Alex was born in Nova Scotia, Canada. Like his brothers, Alex spent his childhood working for his father in his greenhouses. He graduated from Vancouver Island University with an Associates Degree in Commerce. After arriving in Tucson in 1997, Alex spent his time working along side his family when Civano Nursery, Inc began salvaging trees. He spent most of his days in the field getting his hands dirty helping dig and transport many of the trees and cacti. Today, Alex serves as co-owner and Chief Sales Officer of Civano Nursery, Inc. His passion is actively selling plants across the state and aiding in keeping our inventory fully stocked with the industry's most desirable plants. 

Stephanie Vickers Resized.jpg
Stephanie Vickers

Sales Manager

Stephanie's love for plants began early in her life which turned into a stellar 18 year career in the nursery industry. As a true "desert rat", she is well familiarized with all southwest Arizona plant life. Stephanie is committed to her customers and strives to provide the highest level of customer service. Her hobbies include a newfound love of welding and an obsession with muscle cars.

Jesus Navarrete

Sales Team Lead

Jesus has been with us since 2014, and enjoys the knowledge he has gained over the years. Jesus handles estimating and makes sure material is bid accordingly and accurately for commercial projects. His other responsibilities are managing the sales team and assisting customers with every need, whether over the phone or with walk-ins. He appreciates Civano for its learning environment and opportunities it gives to employees to grow in the nursery environment. Hablo español.

Ryan Adams

Purchasing Manager

A Tucson transplant since 1983, Ryan is well familiarized with all desert plant life. His career with Civano began in 2004 as one of our first delivery drivers. Since then, Ryan is now our Purchasing Manager and is one of the most familiar faces at Civano Growers along with his ever faithful companion, Charlie the Dog. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys a multiple of outdoor activities and is a cactus enthusiast. 

Danielle Cooper

Sales Representative

Danielle is a Tucson native who received her bachelor's degree in Sustainable Plant Systems from the University of Arizona. She believes family and nature are the most important aspects of life. She has been with us since June 2018 and has loved every moment. 

Charles Adams

Morale Representative

(aka Charlie)

I've been the loyal Civano Morale Rep for 8 years, in that time I've been greeting customers with smiles and keeping them happy while they wait for their orders. I especially enjoy lap time with the Civano team. I also love treats, hanging out with my sisters, and love the occasional zoomie.

Regional Sales
Chris Shipley


Regional Sales Manager

Chris has been in the nursery industry since he was a child working alongside his brothers and father in Nova Scotia before moving to Tucson. Since day one, Chris has worked closely with land developers, architects, and golf courses providing our customers a wealth of knowledge that he is happy to share. His motto is,"Just be a nice person", and it shows in his industry relationships. He truly enjoys getting to know each and every customer. Having worked alongside his wife, Melanie, at our retail garden center since it opened in 1999, he understands current industry trends and the needs of our regional customers throughout the Southwest in regards to retail plant quality, seasonal selection, and the power of branded Civano Originals to increase margins in the retail space. So please take advantage of our experience in failure and triumph and let’s succeed together.   

Adriana Lira

Sales Administrative Assistant Regional Sales

Don't let Adriana's youth fool you. With a passion for edible plants, Adriana began her career as a master fruit tree grafter in Tennessee. In 2018, she graduated from high school with honors, and her passion for plants continues to grow. In her free time, Adriana likes to hike, cook, be around children, and make art. The happiest day of her life is when she recently became an American citizen. Hablo español.


Marco Acosta

Regional Sales Representative

Marco has been with us since 2008, and has made his way through the ranks from driver, to loading dock supervisor, and is now one of our star sales reps. He has been in the horticultural industry for over 15 years. Marco is kind and lighthearted and is happy to provide excellent customer service at every turn. Hablo español.

Jackie Lyle resized.jpg
Jackie Lyle

Vice President, Operations & Communications

Jackie is an ISA Certified Arborist, member of the City of Tucson Landscape Advisory Committee, and member of the Arizona Community Tree Council. As a Pima County Master Gardener, ACNP, and ACLP, she has become well-versed in urban and residential horticulture for the Southwest. In her free time, Jackie volunteers as a docent at the University of Arizona Campus Arboretum. She also enjoys distance running, triathlons, and visiting famous trees around the world.


Growing & Operations
Nick Shipley

Co-Owner, Chief Operations Officer

Nick was born in Nova Scotia, Canada. He is an ISA Certified Arborist. From 1997 – 2004 he served as Reclamation Manager for Civano Nursery, Inc. where he oversaw salvage of trees and cacti from development sites. From 2004-2017 he served as Farm Manager where he oversaw all aspects of plant production at the nursery. Nick currently serves on the boards of Smartscape, The City of Tucson Landscape Advisory Committee, and The Desert Horticulture Conference. Nick was raised in the industry and started working summers in his father’s greenhouses at the age of 11. He has an incredible passion for plants and is driven to see them thrive in our urban landscapes.

Rick Outside resized.jpg
Rick Grelock

Farm Manager

Rick is an ISA Certified Master Arborist. He studied at Villanova University and the University of Delaware, but likes to say that everything he knows about plants he, "learned on the streets". Rick spent the last 2 decades working in the Tucson horticulture industry. His passion for plants has taken him to botanical gardens around the globe.

Adaneth Chavez

Propagation Supervisor

Adaneth Chavez is a born leader who loves challenges because they bring knowledge. Since 2015, Adaneth has learned vital processes throughout the company that have helped her develop personally, as well as professionally. Her free time is spent with her family and fur babies. She attributes her love of plants to her work at Civano Growers, and she is a strong believer in faith and family first. 

Karl (2).jpg
Karl Nelson

Plant Health Care Coordinator

Karl holds a Master's degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Arizona. He is an ISA Certified Arborist and specializes in pest and disease diagnostics and treatments. In his free time, Karl enjoys cooking with herbs and vegetables from his backyard garden and collecting comic strips

Compost Yard & Construction
Les Smaller.jpg
Les Shipley

Co-Owner and Construction Manager

Born in England, Les attended Pershore Institute of Horticulture and graduated with a National Diploma in Horticulture. Since then, Les has established Plant Care Inc., an interiorscape and landscape company actively doing business on both the East and West coasts of Canada. In 1997, he moved to Tucson as Project Horticulturalist for The Community of Civano, an 818 acre sustainable community located on the Southeast side of the City. A year later, he was joined by his three sons and daughter-in-law; Chris, Nick, Alex, and Mel to establish Civano Nursery.

Gabby de la Cruz

HR Manager

Gabby has over 20 years of Administrative/HR/Office Management experience overseeing HR departments throughout Tucson. In her free time, she enjoys dining out at new places, attending concerts, live music events, and sporting events. She enjoys reading fictional crime series, watching Hispanic films, and also watching home improvement shows to relax at home.

Vickie Acosta 

Accounts Payable Manager

Vickie has been in the accounting field for over fifteen years. Before coming to Civano Growers, she worked in the roofing industry for over eighteen years. She loves the beach and Disneyland. She enjoys listening to music, spending time with friends and family and making people laugh.