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Abutilon palmeri

Palmer's Mallow or Indian Mallow


The soft, velvety, heart-shaped leaves of this native shrub are delightful to touch. Beautiful apricot cup-shaped flowers adorn Indian Mallow throughout the summer months, adding a splash of color to the gray-green foliage. Its spent flowerheads produce decorative fruits which look quite attractive in cut flower arrangements. Plant this heat-lover in full sun for a compact, bushy plant or in light shade for a sprawling, low growing shrub. This tough, fast-growing perennial is native to the Sonoran Desert, lending to its heat and drought tolerance.

USDA Zone Range

9 to 11

Mature Height

2-4 ft

Flower Color

Apricot -orange

Native Region

Southwest US into northern Mexico


Soil Type

Sandy to loamy

Planting Guidelines


Rejuvenation prune as needed after flowering cycle

Elevation Range

1,000 ft -3,000 ft

Mature Width

1-3 ft

Plant Type


Growth Habit

Dense and rounded

Wildlife and Pollinators

Butterflies and hummingbirds

Sunlight Requirements

Full Sun to Partial Shade

Water Requirements

Drought Tolerant


Prune after last frost

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