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Acacia constricta

Whitethorn Acacia


The Whitethorn Acacia was aptly named for the large white thorns that protrude in pairs from the leaf nodes. Often used as a low-maintenance barrier or buffer plant, this Arizona native will tend to become a thicket of thorny branches if left alone. With some training and pruning, the Whitethorn Acacia will become a small, multi trunked tree. Little to no supplemental water is necessary once established. Fragrant, yellow flower balls attract butterflies and birds in spring and intermittently through fall. Avoid planting near walkways.

USDA Zone Range

8 to 11

Mature Height

8-15 ft

Flower Color


Native Region

Southern Arizona, New Mexico, western Texas and northern to central Mexico


Soil Type

Sandy to rocky; clay

Planting Guidelines


Light litter after seed pods drop. Watch for thorns.

Elevation Range

1,500 ft to 6,500 ft

Mature Width

8-15 ft

Plant Type

Tree; large shrub

Growth Habit

Dense, shrub-like

Wildlife and Pollinators

Bees and butterflies

Sunlight Requirements

Full Sun

Water Requirements

Drought Tolerant


None necessary. Prune as needed to create a small tree.

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