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Hesperaloe funifera 'Little Giant' PP35283

Little Giant dwarf Hesperaloe


Where Hesperaloe funifera is known for maturing at a large scale, Little Giant Hesperaloe x funifera is our dwarf hybrid of this massive accent plant. Little Giant Hesperaloe only reaches a maximum size of four feet tall and wide, with a matte pink stalk and flowers that flower from spring through summer stretch up to seven feet tall. Long spineless leaves grow from the base with a white thread-like fringe that grows along the margins of the leaves. This texturally striking accent plant thrives in hot areas and poor soils, and because of its smaller stature, Little Giant Hesperaloe requires very low maintenance in the urban landscape.

USDA Zone Range

6to 11

Mature Height


Flower Color

Matte Pink

Native Region



Soil Type

Planting Guidelines


Elevation Range

Mature Width


Plant Type

Growth Habit

Dense, upright blades

Wildlife and Pollinators

Sunlight Requirements

Full Sun

Water Requirements

Very low


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