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Lantana camara 'Dallas Red'

Dallas Red Lantana


Every landscape in the Southwest should have at least one of these low growing, drought tolerant beauties. They thrive in arid environments, greeting the scorching desert heat with clusters of red, orange and yellow flowers that butterflies find irresistible. These tricolor flowers open all-red and only turn to orange and yellow with age, giving Dallas Red Lantana the distinction of having the truest-red flowers of the available lantana hybrids. This is one of the more compact shrub lantanas, growing taller than the trailing varieties, but not as wide. Dallas Red does remarkably well in containers and along curbs or walkways, where it thrives in the reflected heat that damages many less tolerant plants.

USDA Zone Range

9 to 11

Mature Height

2-3 ft

Flower Color

Orange, Red

Native Region

Tropical Americas, naturalized in Florida.



Soil Type

Planting Guidelines


Elevation Range

Mature Width

3-4 ft

Plant Type

Growth Habit

Upright shrub, mounding and dense

Wildlife and Pollinators

Sunlight Requirements

Full Sun, Partial Shade

Water Requirements

Moderate Water


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