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Leucophyllum frutescens 'San Antonio Rose' PP33454

San Antonio Rose Compact Texas Sage


Our cultivar of cold tolerant, drought resistant, heat loving Texas Ranger was chosen as a superior alternative to 'Compacta' because of its tighter growth habit, tougher demeanor, and substantially larger bloom. Silver leafed branches burst with bright rose pink blooms continuously throughout the summer, especially when humidity spikes. San Antonio Rose won't damp off like other Texas Rangers-- the crop was bred to thrive in landscapes throughout the Southwest.

USDA Zone Range

7 to 11

Mature Height

5-6 ft

Flower Color


Native Region

West Texas



Soil Type

Planting Guidelines


Elevation Range

Mature Width

5-6 ft

Plant Type

Growth Habit

Clonal, symmetrical growth. Fast growing

Wildlife and Pollinators

Sunlight Requirements

Full Sun

Water Requirements

Drought Tolerant


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