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Tecoma alata

Orange Jubilee Tecoma


This broadleafed evergreen shrub is a favorite for those seeking a splash of tropical ambience in their garden. It sports prolific clusters of orange tubular flowers from spring through fall upon lush verdant foliage. Orange Jubilee is a large, upright, woody shrub that can quickly reach heights of up to 12 feet and 8 feet wide. Does well in reflected heat and full sun. Takes well to being cut back. Water regularly and remove spent flowers to encourage more blooms.

USDA Zone Range

7 to 10

Mature Height

8-12 ft

Flower Color


Native Region

Desert Southwest US, south through Mexico and into Argentina



Soil Type

Planting Guidelines


Elevation Range

Mature Width

4-8 ft

Plant Type

Growth Habit

Wildlife and Pollinators

Sunlight Requirements

Full Sun

Water Requirements

Moderate Water, Drought Tolerant


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