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Tetraneuris acaulis

Angelita Daisy


Native to the rocky slopes of the desert Southwest, Angelita Daisy is colorful perennial with a lot of flower power. In low deserts it is evergreen and blooms heaviest in spring, tapering off throughout the summer and into fall. Removing spent flowerheads will keep plants looking tidy and encourages more blooms. In the high country, expect heaviest blooming in the summer months. Looks great in mass plantings. Foliage resembles an attractive clump of thin-leaved grass, reaching 18" wide at maturity. Golden, daisy like flowers stand up to a foot tall. Plant in full sun in well drained soil.

USDA Zone Range

7 to 11

Mature Height

1 ft

Flower Color


Native Region

Widespread across western US into Saskatchewan



Soil Type

Planting Guidelines


Elevation Range

Mature Width

1.5 ft

Plant Type

Growth Habit

Wildlife and Pollinators

Sunlight Requirements

Full Sun

Water Requirements

Drought Tolerant


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